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BLISS AWAKENING Of Your Glorious Heart

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Through Change And The Spiritual Joining With The Human

Within Us, With Gratitude For All That Is, Comes Liberation.

We Experience A Bliss Awakening.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I was asked yesterday, what do I do to pursue happiness?
An excellent question
Is the ultimate experience that of pleasure derived from something material?
 or is it purely focussing on your breath
breathing in, breathing out and being grateful for the gift of breath
The gift of life

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happiness is just another word for Gratitude

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh My God

After many years on a spiritual path, seeking awakening and understanding, this journey has taken me deep within to many emotional places and also into the arms of  many wonderful people.  To those of you who have touched my spiritual awakening, I thank you with all my heart. 

It is with such great joy to finally have a sacred space to practice out of and to also offer this space to other practitioners, for workshops and events in a co-operative manner for the love and healing of all those who we can touch together.  I invite you to visit my space and together, let us begin a practice of healing.

So, why "Oh My God"..... as I stood in my sacred space and realized that my healing practice "Bliss Awakening" is now official, I said these words to myself "Oh My God".... but what does this mean -

OH - It caught your attention, makes you mindful and makes you present
MY - Deep inside your soul, your gateway to your inner voice, you are being heard
GOD - Your connection to the divine and to the universe, something greater than you, such inspiration and a celebration of life   ( by Louis Schwartzberg)

Bliss Awakening
Of Your Glorious Heart
A Practice Dedicated To Healing
Located At The Silver Fox Inn
Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soulmate, Soul Family

Kindred spirits. A collection of souls that have similar characteristics.  Past lives and present life.  Souls that find each other lifetime after lifetime. Beyond someone who you love, but more a deep understanding of one another many lifetimes over.

As humans, our goal is ultimately to be loved, feel accepted and experience unconditional love throughout of life.  Acceptance of who we are at our core, cherished and supported through our growth and evolution into an enlighten being.  Held safe by our immediate soul family members during our difficult times as well as our good times.

Our soul families are our support groups. There are extensions to our soul families, bigger groups who are not so intimate with us as our core soul family members,  but who bring us lessons.  As we evolve and we open up our hearts even more, so we discover our soul family members.  Only when you are open to love, can you receive.  These extensions to our soul families can include specific purpose, such as groups of soul friends who show us courage or healing.  Most soul families have worked together over many lifetimes.  It is no coincidence when you discover a deep bond, spiritual connection or sense of love for a friend. It is possible that some soul family members may not have incarnated at the same time as you and so, they will be your spirit guide instead for this lifetime, guiding you from the spirit world.

Our soul family members may come in and out of our lives.   We are always provided with a chance to view ourselves, take the lessons and seek the blessing.  Often our soul mates are present as a mirror, they show us ourselves.  Soul mates are our closest of friends, sometimes those who become our partners and spouses are not with us for the duration.  But this doesn't mean they were not a soul mate.  They were and most likely, will be again in another life.  Just the same as those relationships that end, causing you pain and distress, there are lessons to learn and perhaps lessons that needed to be learned so that you could evolve and move on.  This is our free will.

As vibrational beings, we attract the same as we give.  We seek with others, the compatibility of goals, aspirations, values, respect, trust, loyalty and ultimately, unconditional love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chakra Healing and Meditation Mini-Workshop

This series of Chakra healing and Meditations has come to an end, sadly.  I am very grateful to everyone who participated, for their openness and willingness to receive and to share. With humble gratitude as I know everyone benefited from the shared experience.  More workshops are planned for late Summer and Early Fall.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking Through The Window

Often we operate out of our heads and not out of our hearts.  If every spoken word came from the heart and not our heads, there would be so much love energy in the world. 

The spirit of oneness, reaching out to another with openness and not enforcing your will with words or actions, but instead, walk in that person's shoes and understand with compassion, the way of their life.  Walk in love and not with ego or anger.  Be rich in knowing you can can create a space of love and light, a place of safety where the coming together of souls can be a bright and beautiful experience.  Acceptance.  Leave the window open so that energy can flow in as well as out, like a breathe of fresh air.... fill yourself with love, joy, peace, compassion.  In order to give, you must be able and open to receiving.  Open your window wide, wider......

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel Blessings Scent From Nature

A wonderful few weeks of Chakra Healing and Guided Meditations at Pilgrimage Naturopathic in Plymouth. With many thanks to my dear friend Regina for hosting the workshops.  Calling in the Angels for healing, learning about our Chakras, healing through meditation, discussions and lovely Tea!!  All in the presence of like-minded souls where we can share and nurture each other.  With many thanks.  The earthly candles were a gift from my friend Linda who makes wonderful natural bees wax candles "Scent From Nature".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles don't need to change our path, they just show us a different way.

Monday, March 21, 2011

On A Path

The seasons change over, but each year they come around they bring a new beginning.  The end of one journey leads into the beginning of another.  Even though the scenery may seem familiar each season, it is really never the same. Everything evolves including us.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Family by blood, by obligation, by necessity or by desire..... and sometimes, family by love
Family is a word that implies solidity, a rock solid foundation, a place to go home to within the comfort of love and friendship, a place to grow out of, a place to grow away from only to return, a place to remember and to hang on to the echoes never leaving one's ears, one's heart. Family........